Helping people in need:-

iVisionR is committed to the well-being of fellow citizens across the globe. We, therefore, pledge to donate 5% of all our income earned from subscriptions, sponsorships and other donations to NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) selected by us so that they can extend similar assistance to serve and support needy and challenged people across the world. Although we are not legally bound for such a donation but this is our solemn pledge to extend our hands to those who need the most.

Data Privacy:-

At iVisionR we value the trust you have placed with us and we are fully committed to protecting every information that you share with us. We have set the highest standards for ourselves so that we can maintain all your data in strict confidence. We have ensured the highest degree of data safety & security measures so that you feel comfortable sharing your information with us. We promise the following values:

 Value #1: We will never pass or distribute this information to any individual or organization under any circumstances.

Value #2: We will keep your personal information provided by you.

Value #3: We will not keep any of the sensitive payment information provided by you such as Credit Card details in our database.

Value #4: We will not contact you in any method which you do not like us to do such as making phone calls unless some specific circumstances and we will always take permission before doing so.

Value #5: We will inform you on how your donation is being spent and we will also publish information about the beneficiaries on a regular basis.


Of the citizens, By the citizens, For the citizens:-

We are committed in building a safe and sustainable ecosystem for our citizen on a global basis. And we understand how important it is to engage people and communities so to make this initiative a revolution which will make this world a better place for pedestrians in particular and every citizen in general.