More and more Cities are making their data available in the public domain for others re-use those information in response to transparency agendas required at national levels.

We believe that the local community can benefit from data acquired by the "iVisionR Cloud platform", as being complementary to their own data.

Also, Smartphones using "iVisionR Mobile applications", are so many sensors on the road creating afeed of information, that any muncipality may not necessarily have with its only services.

This type of partnership represents one of the possible answers to the thorny question of the exchange of public and private data, which will be one of the keys of the public services of tomorrow.

What the "iVisionR Cloud Platform" could bring to local communities, is a sum of parameters, associated with the infrastructure put in place for pedestrians, so in this case: sidewalks, level crossing and pedestrian crossing. We re-ensure the community and the Pedestrians that no personal data is exchanged.

Also, the "iVisionR Cloud Platform" will allow access to all the parameters collected from a territory (and delimited by postal code) as well as the associated statistics by given period (week, month or year), under specific complementary terms and conditions, that need to be accepted.

The OPENDATA services implemented by the "iVisionR Cloud platform" will be available in the fourth quarter of 2018, with annual subscription and per zip code, in a given territory or country.

As with any emerging product or service, we always face two complementary logic, for setting up the Price for annual subscription,such as:

-          charging for the cost of producing the data or

-          charging for what the data earns the community

On specific case with CIT2ADM for pedestrians, accessing incident report data between "iVisionR Cloud Platform" and a community will help:

- Municipality understand what's happening on the sidewalks, on a real time basis,

- increase the effectiveness of the responses to incidents and anomalies, on a daily basis,

- establish a smooth communication with its pedestrian’s community, in real time basis,

- update pedestrians on major events taking place, such as closed areas,

- increase the visibility of the services rendered by the municipality

Here-under few exemples :