"CIT2ADM for MUNICIPALITIES" is a Mobile application enabling daily management and report tracking, posted and displayed on "iVisionR Cloud Platform”, that might require special attention from the Municipality.

"CIT2ADM for MUNICIPALITES" is an application, available in several languages (French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese) and is reserved exclusively to the Municipalities to take into account and manage any incident in the registered territory (such as panel damaged or badly positioned at the sidewalk, hidden trap on the pavements).

These incidents are those that any Pedestrian may face daily at the sidewalk.

The ultimate goal is to warn the municipality and / or the neighborhood, and thus to avoid any potential or subsequent injury for the sole purpose of providing continuous improvement in the safety of citizens in the territory and a well-being forthe neighborhood.

"CIT2ADM for Pedestrians" do require an Internet connection (or Wifi connectivity) and the activation of the GPS  during the login and the creation of a Report.

This report, which the Municipality should consult,will consist of an image identifying the defect found, the GPS location attached to the Photo and any comment from the Citizen helping better understanding of the issue.

The Administration will then receive all the key elements enabling it to consider and follow up using "CIT2ADM ForMunicipalities" mobile application.

The app"CIT2ADM ForMunicipalities" is reserved exclusively for Municipalities, and their workers, and ensuresaccurate monitoring and special attention to any incident selected by the Municipality.

This collaborative work will demonstrate the real support, Municipalities are investing, to promote better safety of its citizen, employees and pedestrians.

The CIT2ADM Service Platform provides an innovative and collaborative tool for declaring and monitoring daily anomalies that pedestrians face on their way to work, school or on a walk, in order to fully enjoy pleasant moments in the city.