CIT2ADM for Pedestrians is a mobile application which any pedestrian can use to report  any problem that they face when walking on pavement, in the purpose of preventing potential accident, as well as improving a safety living in the neighbourhood. This unique platform provides an innovative and collaborative tool that allow any Pedestrian to report and to track any incident that pedestrians faced on daily basis during their way to work, to school or during a walkto enjoy pleasant moments in the city.

Using a simple and user-friendly way users can send the reports by clicking a picture and writing a short description of the problem. 

Through the use of advanced Geo-Location (GPS) technologies this app will to attach user’s location to each report they post, thereby enabling administrations to exactly pin-point the location of the report so that they can easily bring special attention for solving the problem, and ensure a better quality-of-life conditions to its Citizen.

CIT2ADM for Pedestrians is a self training tool that informs, educates and encourages individuals to behave as a Respectful Citizen of the City and to participate by reporting Issues for a better living in their neighbourhoods. Citizen can track the status of their own report, as well as track the community reports being submitted by all members.

Reports sent by citizens can also be transferred directly to the technical manager of the registered municipality, or to their subcontractor of the road and thus become automatically visible and accessible by all citizens of the neighborhood.

Reports can be tracked until they are resolved, published and those may be archived or removed.

The management of the data submitted, by any Administration or Association in persuit of a better life in the city, to the Municipality-In-Charge of the maintenance of the roads using "CIT2ADM for Municipalities", is governed by the privacy policy of the Municipality in charge of the treatment, in accordance with the conditions of services, which you can consult on:

CIT2ADM for Pedestrians also share good reports for self-education and recommendation to Administrations & Governments, and also allow reporting of non-emergency issues using CIT2ADM Service Platform, as well as GOOD Examples. 

The Android application CIT2ADM is available in several languages ​​(English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese) with the aim of meeting the daily needs of Municipalities,  Administrations and Associations in the World. It can also be used by the local authorities as well by the other entities that represents the entire ecosystem of the city (namely, Environment Services, Health Services, Private enterprises, etc)

CIT2ADM Service Platform is bringing innovative social media tools to any Citizens to report and track issues they face on daily basis when going to work, going to school, visiting new places, travelling and enjoying life.

In summary, we strongly believe that every Citizen using "CIT2ADM for Pedestrians" application becomes a CIT2ADM Citizen for better Community Benefits.